• Content Management

    Looking for an easy way to manage your website content? We specialize in Joomla, making your life and site easier to maintain.

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  • Social Media

    Let us integrate your site with your social media. Share your updates with your friends in real time, or post back from your social ventures.

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About KaozDesigns

Kaoz Designs is a Mobile, Alabama based web, graphic, and printed media design firm. Over the last 4 years Kaoz Designs has grown to be a mature organization offering only the highest quality products to meet your individual, or corporate, needs.

Our Mission...

Kaoz Designs was created with one thought in mind... affordability. We believe that everyone should be able to represent themselves on the web, without having to make sacrifices on quality to meet budget constraints. With this in mind, we seek to deliver a wide variety of quality products and services at an affordable price.

What does this mean for our clients?

Our clients enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that our design team is striving to deliver professional products, using the latest technologies, while adhering to the most common standards.

Did we mention our sites look really cool?

Just because you are building a site for a business, or a personal site for your interests, doesn't mean it shouldn't look amazing. We specialize in graphic effects and animations that will deliver mind blowing results.


Client Testimonials

  • Tobins Lab +

    Hello Terry,

    Thanks for the flash app you built for me. Being able to offer boyscout badge manuals online has been awesome for the troop commanders needing these resources. We Read More
  • Roadhouse Truck Conversions +

    Hey Guys

    Just wanted to say my site is really easy for me to maintain. We have been building a lot of trucks and with my limited time being able Read More
  • Template Switcher +

    Hey Terry,

    Just wanted to say that template switcher script you wrote for me is working exactly like I had hoped it would. Thanks for your teams expertise. My site Read More
  • SwingIQ +

    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to thank you guys for my custom web application. When I started looking for a design team to create my ask and answer page I Read More
  • DSMRG +

    Hey Terry,

    Thanks for those mockups you did for our client. They have decided to add the awning to the building. Your graphic work was amazing and we love the Read More
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KDCoppermine Random Images Pro

KD Coppermine Random Images Module Pro is soon to be available in our downloads section for only $9.99. If you would like to display random images from your Coppermine installation, this is the extension for you.

This pro module supports both Joomla 2.5 and 3.0 Natively. Visit our downloads section for a full feature list.