Blog Websites

Image: WordPress LogoSo you've decided to join the world of blogging... well, there are a few things you should know as you step out into this new venture on the world wide web. When you decide to create your own personal or business blog you are faced with several software possibilities to help you along your way.

Pre-designed software packages such as WordPress, Blogger, or TypePad are some of the most common choices for your window to the blogging world. Publishing your thoughts and ideas should be a straight forward process allowing you complete control over every aspect of the message you are wanting to send. Every software package has some feature that others may not offer, where others may be a little easier to administrate.

Kaoz Designs can help you along your new path in making the best decisions related to your blogging experience. We offer blog hosting for your convenience, at an affordable price, that will allow you multiple ways of updating your blog at your leisure. Some of our blog platforms support updating directly from other websites, or from your mobile device via SMS or Email messaging.

Image: Blogger LogoIf you are integrating a blog into a website, Kaoz Designs can assist you with your overall theme and design in order to have a seamless integration experience. Branding your blog with your own personal color themes, font styles, or backgrounds is a must when integration is a neccessity.

Spam control and user access is another viable concern when creating your blog. Being able to control who accesses your site, leaves comments, or posts links is very important to every blog owner. You always want to make sure that any content placed on your site is a representation of your self or your business. We make sure that controling all of your content is at the tip of your fingers without the worry of being maliciously abused by outside individuals.

Kaoz Designs offers blogging templates and hosting for the WordPress blogging suite. Additionally we offer theme development for Blogger and TypePad blogging software. If you are looking for hosting for additional blogging software we can provide hosting for Nucleus and b2Evolution along with any custom PHP / mySQL driven software packages you wish to install.

For a custom quote on Blog hosting or template design and integration please Contact Us.