Flash Animated Websites

Image: Adobe Flash LogoWe know at some point in time you have stumbled across a website where everything was moving, spinning, or seemed to be dancing around the screen. At Kaoz Designs we take great pride in our Adobe Flash animated websites. All of our Flash animated sites are carefully designed to minimize browser load times, so your visitors don't get bored while waiting on the page to show up. We design each site with the newest Action Scripting languages and Extension Technologies available on the market. Whether you are looking for a Flash animated jukebox that plays streaming music on your site, or a Flipping Book style magazine article, we can provide the right Flash animated elements to meet your needs.

Image: Adobe LogoKaoz Designs can also code animated Flash banners for your existing website that are coded in such a way you can change the images inside your banner with just a few simple lines of XML code. These banners gather their instructions from an external XML file stored on your website. XML is a very simple programming language that anyone can use without needing to be a hardcore computer user. Our design team will also offer their time to teach you the correct ways of adding or editing images used in your banner. We aren't satisfied until you are 100% comfortable with your new product.

Kaoz Designs specializes in developing custom web templates that fully integrate Adobe Flash with our preferred CMS Joomla. Being able to use flashy animations while being able to easily maintain content is a huge feature for any website owner. Having fully dynamic content will give your users a new experience every time they visit your site. For more information on Joomla please Contact Us.