Forum Communities

Image: phpBB LogoKaoz Designs specializes in creating custom forum communities for a wide range of purposes. If you are in need of an educational forum, an informal chat communtiy, or any other possible combination of board membership site. Our preferred software package for forum communities is currently phpBB.

phpBB offers numerous features for board owners, moderators, contributors, and forum visitors. If you are in need of a heavily moderated forum community, or an open forum where anyone can say what they feel... we can provide everything you need.

Kaoz Designs can custom theme your board installation to match the layout and design of your current website. We pride ourselves on integration into existing systems to further expand your growing business or cause. We can also custom develop tools and utilities to integrate into your existing forum community. Kaoz Designs also has the developers on staff to upgrade an older forum community to a newer forum system if you require a system upgrade.

For more information about forum communities please Contact Us.